The Sufi Rights group are currently working with students from MTO Shahmaghsoudi® to bring into the spotlight the offence Roberto Cavalli, the fashion designer, has caused by using their emblem on his new 'Just Cavalli' range.

The Sufi Rights group is assisting with the campaign already set up by students from MTO Shahmaghsoudi® to stop Roberto Cavalli from using their sacred emblem. It is not the first time Cavalli has offended a faith group. Previously insulting the Hindu community; Cavalli's Bikini collection featuring images of Vishnu, Lord Rama and Devi Swaraswati caused the uproar of thousands. Standing up to Roberto Cavalli, the Hindu Human Rights managed to remove the items from a luxury department store in London. Roberto Cavalli passed this case stating it was an 'innocent mistake'. Can this really be true when he has now caused outrage amongst another faith organisation?

In 2013 when the Just Cavalli advertising campaign was launched on UK TV it caused outrage amongst audiences; and the inappropriate nature of the campaign shown on prime time television resulted in the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to withdraw the commercials. The Sufi Rights group has received numerous letters from the students of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® in regards to the use of their sacred logo being used in a provocative manner and in the use of his branding on items such as bikinis, sunglasses, jewellery and clothing. Students felt that their voice is being silenced by this big cooperation who thinks it can abuse people's scared beliefs.

- update 28th October 2014:

Sufi Rights has worked extensively on the TakeOffJustLogo campaign for the past 6 months. During this time hundreds of articles have been published both online and in papers, including Huffington Post, Times and Guardian. TV stations such as CBS, Spiegel and Reuters covered the campaign globally. Sufi Rights continues to help promote the campaign on social media, which has captured the attention of various bloggers and journalists.

MTO Shahmaghsoudi, the school of Islamic Sufism has since sued Roberto Cavalli in the UK and USA. The Just Cavalli trademark is also under cancellation review at the OHIM office in Europe.

Since the campaign Cavalli has been sued by LA graffiti artists; Jason Williams, Victor Chapa and Jeffrey Rubin. The lawsuit, like the three lawsuits put forward by MTO is also regarding trademark infringement.

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